Oktoberfest Countdown








Oktoberfest 2018


October – 5, 6, 8, 12 & 13

Get tickets now to our biggest party and fundraiser!


Friday October 5th

7pm – 1am 


Saturday October 6th

7pm – 1am 

(Al Chez and the Brothers of Funk)


Monday October 8th

11am – 6pm (Family Day) 


Friday October 12th

7pm – 1am

(Lulu’s Roadhouse and Too Mutch Clutch)


Saturday October 13th

7pm – 1am 


Entertainment for everyone

“As a proud contributor to our diverse community through friendship and service, we offer a superior patron experience with high quality entertainment – featuring Canada’s Polka King Walter Ostanek.

The club is pleased to provide continuing traditions and good memories for people both meeting for reunions and for the first time. Each evening is a different experience

Thanksgiving Monday is Family Day, where lots of activities make Altes Muenchen Haus the place to go after the parade! Donations to the Food Bank are accepted in lieu of admission on Family Day”

As one of our members was one of the founding fathers of KW Oktoberfest, this allowed us assist them at one venue in the early going. We realized this would be a good community event to become involved with and a great fundraiser. The Club then decided to operate our own Festhall.


We approached the City of Kitchener to lease Queensmount Arena and with approval called the hall, Altes Muenchen Haus meaning “Old Munich House”.


So, some 48 years later we have had many bands and some from Germany to entertain our patrons. About 34 years ago we entered into a agreement with Grammy Award winner Walter Ostanek and his group to be our main stay house band.


This has been the most successful event to raise money for our projects locally, nationally and internationally. We look forward to entertaining many more festival goers in the years to come.

With the exception of Family Day, one needs to be of legal age, with proof, to attend our Festhall.


Every October, the Lions Club of Kitchener transforms the Queensmount Arena into Altes Muenchen Haus and is an accredited Festhall with KW Oktoberfest.


Come join us for this incredible time of celebration.

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