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Every year for the past 20 years, the Club has held the above noted event on the 1st Friday of  December. Approximately 100 seniors from various Nursing Homes attend the Lions Arena via Grand River Transit for an evening of entertainment, dancing, food and refreshment and it culminates with a visit from the “jolly old man”, Santa Claus. All attendees receive a small gift from Santa. The joy in their faces and tears in the eyes of the seniors are well worth hosting this special evening.


For the past several years 2 – 4 person teams from our club venture into the schools of the Waterloo Region Public School Board to examine the eyes of the children in junior and senior kindergarden and. Members are trained in the use of the auto refractor and other examination devices that are required for checking eye sight.  Approximately 3,500 children are screened annually and those who are found with an issue are referral for professional opinion.


In memory of one of our past members and in partnership with Conestoga College, this $1,000.00 bursary is given to a deserving student in the Food and Beverage Program at the College. This is the 8th year of the award and it our pleasure to assist students who excels in this program.


For the past 11 years our club has sponsored a member to lead a “team” of Optomitrists to Guatemala for 8 days. The “team” attends specific locations and examines the eyes of many people in that area. Those requiring cataract surgery have this done qualified persons from Guatemala City and those in need of glasses are fitted as close as can be.  Glasses are collected locally by area Lions Clubs, shipped to Calgary for refurbishing and cataloging. Thousands of poor people in the mountainous areas have benefited greatly from this program.


The trip to Guatemala this year was very successful. Three Optometrists and support staff saw 715 people in 6 days and all were fitted with glasses and or sun glasses and given a ball cap. A total of 63 were referred for surgery and all were completed.  Each surgery costs $100.00 US and 60 of those required were paid by the team and 3 done by the surgeon for free. Anyone that has had cataract surgery knows that the cost is over $1,000.00 per eye, so we really do have a great deal with the Guatemalan Ophthalmologist.

One of the most interesting patients seen was a 9 year old boy with cataracts. We found out that he had a twin brother and it was felt that his eyes should also be checked in case he had the same issues. After examination his eyes were found to be in good health.

One of the most difficult issues for the team members is raising funds for the surgeries. Each member pays their own way to Guatemala with some support from clubs, friends and families but they also fundraise for the required surgery, which seem to increase every year.

This was the last of year of 5 in the Jalpatagua area and we will be travelling to another part of the country in the future.


The Lions Club of Kitchener has been very supportive of Community and Sporting Groups for over 70 years.

In 2008 the Lions Club entered a three year agreement with the University of Waterloo to support the Warriors Football and Hockey Programs. The club will donate $5000.00 per year and the University will match this to create a $5000.00 Scholarship for each the Football and Hockey Programs. The Scholarship is for both Scholastic as well as Athletic Proficiency.

The Club donates 1000 tickets for Altes Munchen Haus (Queensmount Arena) during Oktoberfest to both programs with the proceeds of the sale of these tickets going to both the Football and Hockey Clubs.

This could provide an additional $10,000.00 in support to the University. The Lions Club of Kitchener is very proud to be able to provide continued support to Education and Athletics in our community.

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